• Organisational Chart

      • The Board of Governors is responsible for laying down the policies of the Unit. Members are appointed by the Minister responsible for finance, with one person being selected from each of four panels nominated by the Attorney General, the Governor of the CBM, the Chairman of the MFSA and the Commissioner of Police. Both the Chairman and Deputy Chairman are appointed from among Board members by the Prime Minister after consultation with the Minister responsible for finance.

        The Director is responsible for the execution of the established policies and reports to the Board accordingly. He also carries out all other functions of the Unit not attributed by the PMLA to the Board and is assisted by permanent staff. The Director attends meetings of the Board where he can participate in discussions, though he has no right to vote. Appointment is made by the Board upon a regular call for applications.

        Financial Analysts are responsible for the analysis of STRs and preparation of analytical reports.

        Compliance Officers ensure compliance of subject persons with the relevant legislative provisions, including the PMLA, the PMLFTR and the Implementing Procedures.

        Legal staff advise on legal matters and manage the international aspects of the Unit’s functions.

        Administrative staff members are responsible for the Unit’s administrative, accounting and IT set-up.

        The Police Liaison Officer is an officer detailed by the Commissioner of Police who is permitted by law to make available to the FIAU any information at the disposal of the Police or which is part of the police records if relevant to the exercise of the FIAU’s functions and liaises between the two organisations. He also advises the FIAU on investigative techniques and on law enforcement issues.