• Court Orders 2018

    • Important Notice

      This website contains notices related to orders issued by the courts of criminal jurisdiction in terms of Article 5 of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (Cap. 373 of the Laws of Malta) and Article 23A of the Criminal Code (Cap. 9 of the Laws of Malta) as from 22nd April 2010.

      The documents contained herein are being reproduced pursuant to an informal arrangement between the FIAU and the Courts of Malta. Copies of notices published in the Government Gazette pursuant to the issuance of court orders are being reproduced on this website for information purposes only.

      In accordance with Article 5(2) of the aforementioned Act, the court orders become operative and binding on all third parties immediately when they are made. Therefore, these documents are only being made available on the FIAU website for ease of reference and third parties who may be holding moneys and other movable property due or pertaining or belonging to the accused are still required to monitor the Government Gazette on an ongoing basis for the purpose of complying with the court orders.  The ultimate responsibility for compliance with court orders shall lie solely and exclusively with the third party who may be holding moneys and other movable property, and it should be noted that the FIAU shall not be responsible for any omission or inaccuracy in the reproduction of the notification of court orders received from the Courts of Malta.